Environmental Protection

With the transfer of our business and the new construction of our cellar we have to look into the sustainability of ecological trade. Our solution to this are photovoltaic panels fitted on the entirety of the roof of the production building.


This system provides us with more electricity than our winery uses. This is why our business has a distinctively positive CO2-Balance.  Additionally, we chose to use surface water, which we then pass into an environmentally friendly pond where it then seeps back into the earth in a natural way. The effort is worthwhile as we can see the appearance of more and more plants and animals.

We want to further support this development by installing several duck and swallow nests, as well as planning nesting for storks.

Avery Dennison

We also decided to reuse our wine cartons. Through this we save energy and resources. So we ask for your understanding if your wine packet doesn’t look 100% new – nature will thank you!

To contribute to ecological sustainability in our production, we recycle the carrier foil of our self-adhesive labels since 2016.

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